Pub Fruity – Are You Hungry Yet?

Download this game from recommended mobile casinos to your feature mobile device and you’ll quickly discover an amazing pub game that you can play on the move, whenever you feel like having some fun! This is a 3-reel, one payline slots game that has all the atmosphere of a colourful and lively pub scene, including realistic pub-type sound effects! Start playing for fun then play for real, but after you start playing it won’t be long before you’re soaking up the pub atmosphere, entertained by the bartender’s sweet smile. Pub Fruity has many different combinations to win, and includes two great bonus games; one game takes you on a pub crawl that includes a x500 multiplier, while the second bonus game even takes you into the excitement of a darts competition!


Playing Pub Fruity

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It’s a real easy-going and fun game to play; just make your bet by using the minus or plus button to select the amount (from 0.10 to 10 credits) then press Spin to play. When the reels stop, if you have three symbols on the same payline, you’ve won! What’s best – you can play it on your phone too! The resultant payout is the placed bet multiplied by the payout figure shown in the paytable. Some symbols display on the reels with the addition of numerical labels – 1, 2 and 3 – from which the total value will move you along the drinks’ trail and have pub stops on the way. A total of 12 different game features are set at different positions on the trail which may result in a win if you land on one, such as a x500 multiplier value on your placed bet or a number of free spins. Your position on the trail is held until the next game play, with winnings automatically collected at the end of the bonus game; there are so many combinations to win from this bonus game, that you’ll never get bored!

Getting a symbol with a dark label on it will automatically change to a Dart Contest symbol, which in turn will light up one of the three darts lined up on the dart rack; three darts are needed to activate the Dart Contest bonus game. Once activated, three characters appear. Select one character who you think will throw the highest score at darts after throwing three darts. Each character throws darts, and the one who wins the highest score takes first place. So if your character is in first place, your bet is multiplied by 1000; for second place your bet is multiplied by 100 and for last place your bet is multiplied by 50.

As you can see, you don’t need to be a strategist, nor even en expert, but Pub Fruity will certainly entertain and intrigue you with its game play and bonus games on your way to that big win.