Phil Ivey bumps at the casino, but keeps it dry!

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He slams the Crockfords of London (winning over seven million), but the casino refuses to pay him the winnings.

Last August, American poker player Phil Ivey decided to relax after spending a couple of days at the Mayfair Crockfords Casino in London.

Nevertheless, it was more successful, because playing at Punto Banco was able to wrap up something like 7.3 million pounds, a figure that in euros amounted to over 9 million. Yet the casino refused to match the color player with that figure: why? He had a lot of practice at gambling games . Let’s try to find out.

According to the reconstruction of Mail Online, Ivey was accompanied by a beautiful East woman.

The staff, including the Punto Banco desk croupier, sat down with Ivey’s fortune, and the burning stench rose when he found out that the poker player’s partner had already been included in the list of Other Mayfair casinos, although the reason has not been made known.

The indictment session took place on two days and lasted a total of about seven hours. Ivey was given a £ 1 million initial mail, but even though he could not find evidence of a possible incident, the Crockfords management decided not to pay as much as it needed.

In addition, an article appeared on the Daily Mail , it is unclear whether Ivey was accused of anything in particular, so that neither the police nor the police were contacted.

The strange thing is that Punto Banco is a casino game where skill counts zero: this is a totally lucky game where the player only challenges the bench and tries to score as close to the ninth as possible.

Given that there is nothing to do except to follow strict rules that do not allow the player to even choose how many cards to fish, it is difficult to understand how Ivey could have staged a scam attempt.

Poor Phil, after the money lost on Full Tilt, we missed this too!

It’s not a brilliant time for Ivey, who over the last few years has had to face divorce with former Luciaetta wife, but most of all on the departure of what he has long been his main sponsor, Full Tilt. The platform, in fact, closed the doors a few months after the April 2011 scandal, later known as Black Friday.

However, Ivey is such a strong and multi-player poker player that we are sure will be able to cross this black season by giving it better than before. Or at least this is what his fans want … and he himself.