Microgaming’s Thunderstruck 2 Slot Heads to Mobile Devices

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Few online slots go on to spawn a sequel, and even fewer see the sequel enjoy comparable popularity to the original. One of the main standouts that successfully did so is the Thunderstruck range from Microgaming. As players will be aware, the purpose of a sequel in the slots world is usually to capture the magic of the original game while providing updated graphics and gameplay to keep the slot feeling fresh while remaining familiar to long time players and in many ways Thunderstruck and Thunderstruck 2 remain the benchmark of doing so to this day.

The original Thunderstruck was arguably Microgaming’s most popular original title of all time, with players growing extremely fond of the cartoonish feel that incorporated a variety of icons from Norse mythology. However, every game begins to feel stale after a while, and when it became time for a refresh, Thunderstruck 2 took up the mantle of being Microgaming’s flagship individual slot, with graphics and sounds to match.

In a case of the mobile casino industry imitating the online one, Thunderstruck 2 has now been added to the Microgaming mobile platform. . Many of the decisions regarding which games are suitable for mobile conversion are based purely on what has proved most popular online. This led to the original Thunderstruck slot being a cornerstone of Microgaming mobile casinos almost since launch. Playing from your device at mobile casino new zealand might be the best experience! Its enduring popularity meant that there were few better choices when Microgaming is looking for something new to add to the platform than the sequel.

Now, players have the same choice that they enjoy at Microgaming online casinos, and can select from the first and second Thunderstruck games within the lobby of some of the leading mobile operators, including All Slots and Platinum Play – two of our most highly recommended mobile casinos.

For those that have never tried the game before, it is based on the exploits of Thor, the Norse god of thunder and incorporates a range of exciting features, including the highly enjoyable 243 Ways to Win System. In spite of its popularity, this system of matching adjacent symbols is somewhat uncommon on mobile devices and is well worth checking out, as Microgaming has done an excellent job of converting Thunderstruck Slot Machine the game over to mobiles. The graphics are even fresher than the first release, as they have once more been updated to take advantage of the high definition displays on the latest iPhone and Android devices.

Many of the inherent upgrades have been made possible by Microgaming’s unique Air platform. This system is the first to make use of all of the functionality of the latest devices, with graphics actually being rendered by the built in Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) rather than leaving everything to the internal processor. Of course, mobile devices with their own GPUs are something of a recent addition to the market, and so Thunderstruck 2 presents players with an opportunity to experience a sign of things to come as Microgaming once again focuses on pushing the boundaries of mobile casino gaming.