Form and Face, Style and Grace
Olde World Elegance

        Isis began studying Ballet at 7 and at the tender age of 12 decided to be a Burlesque Queen after seeing the movie Gypsy.  She perfected her bumps and grinds and took them to Ballet class where they were not appreciated.  Nine years later she was working at the Pondor Club in North Beach, San Francisco.  Realizing she was born too late to be a true Burlesque Queen, she started stripping from a Burlesque perspective.  Since then she has been around the workd twice on a g-string and is now a Living legend and the Goddess of Burlesque. 
        Isis used to perform under the name Monique Starr.  It's a long story. 
You can contact her if you want to hear it:
        On stage she is the personification of olde world elegance.  She has performed on every continent of the world, excluding the North and South Poles, because she doesn't want to freeze her tits off. 
        Isis has performed at the Crazy Horse in Paris, Beirut and Australia.  She also did 3 months at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.  She has worked the Windmill Theater in London and Paul Raymond Revue Bar, as well as the Olde Latin Quarter.  Isis has also performed in Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, Morocco in the Casbah, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, France, Hawaii, Alaska, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Boston and even Guam. 
        She redefines the Art of Burlesque, with Style and Grace, Form and Face.  Her performances are an outpouring of feminine power and sensuality.  Burlesque is the Art and "I Am both the Artiste' and the Dance."  Isis is an accomplished Tantrika and Sacred Dancer.  She has studied the Temple Arts for many years, is a Priestess of Isis and a published poet.